2018 in a nut shell


  • Development of the freezers and an overhaul of the goods-in-area to cope with increased pallet movement.
  • Continuation of the rebranding project.


  • 30 new wholesale customers welcomed.
  • 2 new chiller vans join the fleet.
  • Complete service to all chiller units and gycol refrigeration system to prepare them for the predicted hot summer… Phew, thank goodness for that one!


  • Replacement of 2 existing fridge vans for spanking new ones to run more efficiently and economically.
  • New landscaping of the staff car park and unloading bay.
  • Fabio passes the first of his bookkeeping exams with a staggering 100% and continues his studies on our behalf.
  • Visits to European suppliers completed.


  • Visits to UK suppliers completed.
  •  Exclusive distribution deals negotiated with 2 leading culinary suppliers. 
  • Replacement of all touchscreens and scales throughout the warehouse for new, lightweight, faster PCs and better Italian scales.

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