Brexit and sun scorched Britain

You will all want to know how we plan to handle the uncertainty of Brexit.

Couple this with the agricultural recovery from a blazing summer and plans have had to be made to be ready for the future, especially in the fresh produce markets.

We’re prepared and ready – months of consultation and negotiation sees us aligned with partner growers and distributers on a global scale. Our chosen partners are represented in Europe, UK and much further afield. As the coming months unfold, we and these partners will carefully choose which products are grown and imported from which areas to best serve your needs. Forecasts have already been set and we are confident in our procurement and sourcing. The project started back in January when we formed a local partnership with growers Woodside farm; this is bearing fruit and we are enjoying a steady stream of locally-grown products that we are distributing direct to your kitchens. 

We can’t predict for you what will happen and anyone who tells you they can is completely misinformed and guessing; this current situation is uncharted territory for our industry. What we can promise is that we have planned for as many eventualities as we can. We have faith in our partners and we have inspected them all personally. They are big enough to shoulder short-term pain whilst we deviate to another plan if we need to. The next 6 months will be all about information gathering, receiving and making sure that we pass this on to the customer, so you can make menu decisions with as much confidence in supply and costings as you obviously need.
We will most certainly be required to be pulling on all of our 25 years of fresh produce experience to deliver another successful season. But we’re ready.

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