Food trends and standing together

We welcome the kind words and participation of our friends at both Brindisa and Belazu in this issue.

Both these partners are the same as us… our values and ethos are completely aligned and have been for many years. We’ve been so proud on countless occasions to act on their behalf. We can’t imagine running the company without their partnership any more than running our kitchens at home without a Brindisa chorizo in the fridge or a jar of Belazu Rose Harissa in the larder. We also have a teaser advert from Santa Maria, herbs and spices set to blow your minds, really great products that have our senses on fire.

MSK are just a match made in heaven, they have approached us and welcome our distribution prowess. The agreement sees us at Fungi Delecti as exclusive distributers for their extensive portfolio whilst you the chef still enjoy their website price. It’s just a win win.

Work continues behind the scenes to predict what will come next. We are excited as we continue to explore the food trends set to be the next big thing but let’s see how this unfolds and keep that for a later issue. Whatever it is, you can bet that it will take Jamie at least 7 London trips to sign off on it!

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